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Interactive sound installation | Soundscape composition | 2015

STÖR&TON is a sound composition made up of loud, rather disturbing noises. The constant noise and soundscape shapes and influences our urban living space and is both the material and the subject of this artistic examination. Disturbing sound events from urban areas are examined according to their rhythm and sound and reinterpreted. The synthesized and arranged field recordings of our loud city acoustics create a new sonic ambience. The sound monolith is the heart of the installation and the control element for the sound arrangement, thereby offering application flexibility in relation to the acoustic room environment.

The Stör&Ton installation aims to make the different properties and wide variety of noisy sound events accessible. The aim is to raise awareness and promote noise awareness and the perception of one's own auditory environment. The project can also be understood as a new generation of value from loud or disturbing noises.

The arrangement was presented in the form of an interactive audio installation in the Markthalle Basel and as part of a contextual event in the program of ZeitRäume Basel - the Biennale for New Music and Architecture 2015.

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