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Project management | Co-conception | Curation | 2014

O_SIN_N is an interactive multimedia installation that deals with the topic of one's own eco-social actions in everyday life, which can ultimately lead to reflexive powerlessness.
O_SIN_N can therefore be understood as an installative discourse. The interactive installation consists of two parts. The shapes created in the 3D printer are reminiscent of “thought buds” that glow in soft light. The installation is brought to life by acting with the “buds” through movement. This process changes the projected video image, which influences the lighting mood in the room and thus enables participation in the design of the installation. The video “Polysolution” takes up the moment by reflecting on the created and to-be-created environment in relation to eco-social behavior. It describes the overtaxing of the individual with the rational debate and the limited options for action, which conflict with inner needs and moral/ethical requirements, which can lead to a process of deconstruction of one's own image.
O_SIN_N as an interactive multimedia installation reflects considerations on the eco-social conflict of values.
Reasonable eco-social everyday behavior in view of the extremely complex connections and entanglements between economics and politics is questioned and depicted in the form of glitch art - the art of data errors.
From 2014 I managed and accompanied Naanunca Mandragora in the development of her interactive media installation O_SIN_N. I assisted her in working out the complex topic of the eco-social conflict of values. I supported them in managing production and developed a visual identity for public communication. I took care of all procurement of the necessary materials and was the bridge between the required resources of the individual work areas. This work showed me how versatile and multi-layered such an installation is. I really enjoyed being a part of it and was able to contribute my organizational talent and my network.

Tribe of control
0_SIN_N Installation

All videos and images © by Naanunca Mandragora

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