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Elementary Structures

Multi-channel installation | Soundscape composition | 2022

The geophonic sounds arise from the original nature of our planet: fire, water, earth, air. In the installation, the focus is on the inconspicuous yet elementary material, without which our earth would not exist.

This (sound) material has existed on our planet since the beginning and will survive everything as long as the earth exists, even if biophony or anthropophony have fallen silent. These sounds constantly exist around us, but are often not perceived by the naked ear or appear as normal as the air we breathe. The perception of space and the recognizability of the original source are consciously played with by arranging the processed and partially synthesized sounds on several channels in the form of an abstract narrative. The acoustic close-ups of the elements and their specific movements in the room create a very unique and spherical ambience and create an immersive experience.

Elementary Structures Stereo-MixManu Meier
00:00 / 14:56

The subtle soundscape allows access to elementary sounds that you would otherwise not hear in reality from this perspective. From the macrocosm of a beetle to the expanse of a forest clearing, the different rooms are played with and an immersive sound experience is created. 

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