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Event organization | Project management | 2018

“Les Digitales” is a national event project that aims to make experimental and electronic music accessible to a wide audience. The events take place during the summer months on meadows and in parks, where those interested in sound can relax and indulge in electronic sounds.

“Les Digitales” was launched in Lausanne in 2005. The event is now taking place in thirteen participating cities. The organizational teams in the individual cities generally function autonomously and are responsible for the respective issue, but great attention is always paid to networking across Switzerland. The promotion of the organizing cities is extremely important to the umbrella organization of “Les Digitales” as well as to the organizers themselves and artists from all parts of Switzerland are always invited. Thus, through “Les Digitales” collaborations
rations emerged that overcome Switzerland's language barriers.  
At the same time, international musicians influence Swiss music creation and provide new impulses. “Les Digitales” is a musical event away from the hectic nightlife, which offers artists the chance to develop and exchange ideas and the audience the opportunity
opportunity to discover worlds of musical sound in a unique ambience in a family-friendly environment during the day - relaxing on the lawn or in one of the deck chairs provided by the organizers.

As an enthusiastic visitor to the “Les Digitales” festival and my personal interest in experimental and electronic music, I initiated the first edition in Basel in 2018. In collaboration with the organizers Klappfon and a 4-channel sound system from Acc-Ess, I was able to make the most of my many years of event organization skills.  
Artists can apply for a performance in response to the umbrella organization’s advertisement. It is part of the existing concept that at least 50% of the performances are chosen from this list. I really like this approach and it also matches my interest and commitment to artist support and mediation. Unfortunately, the second edition in 2020 could not take place due to the Covid-19 pandemic.


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