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3D room installation | 2009

The work “Geborgenheit” shows a walk-in room installation that deals with the central, fundamental and original attitude to life of human existence.
Experiencing security is an essential aspect of healthy personal development. It is a symbolic term for security, well-being, closeness and protection. The situation in the immediate surroundings is an important prerequisite for making this feeling possible.
The large, organic form seems to be beyond this world. The object irradiated with warm light leaves the interior dim detect blurry images. The viewer is invited to enter the interior of the work through an opening.
The cold and rather hard PVC material is irradiated with a pleasant red light.
The interior shows 3D ultrasound images of an unborn child. The work can be associated with a womb and symbolizes the origin of feeling secure.
The form and material were found on the one hand through an artistic survey and on the other hand were inspired by the artist Ernesto Neto and the scientist Buckminster Fuller.
An attempt was made to use specific questions and image examples to find out where and under what circumstances the average person feels comfortable and secure. This resulted in a walk-in experience sculpture. This provokes an important essence of our attitude to life through its material and shape as well as its voluminous appearance. The project is understood as artistic research work and was shown as part of the diploma exhibition at the F+F in Zurich-Altstetten.


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