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Future soundscapes

Multi-channel installation | Electroacoustic soundscape composition | 2023

What does our future sound like? Changing our environment affects the habitat of all species. Some factors of this change include climate change, population growth and technological development. What is becoming increasingly clear is the interdependence and interaction of the changing conditions of all living things on Earth. The effects are visible, noticeable and audible on several levels.

In this work, the sound sources that are evolving the most or will be acoustically significant in the future are used as starting material. The rapidly transforming conditions of our environment are artistically represented through synthetic sound processing. Together with unedited field recordings, the edited sounds are composed into a multi-channel composition in an abstract narrative. The specific movements of sounds in space create a unique and spherical atmosphere. A fictional reality or a real fiction of a future soundscape is developed speculatively. An auditory journey through an artistic piece of the future sound world.

The complete work FUTURE SOUNDSCAPES consists of two parts. The radio piece with the same title offers the opportunity to obtain more background information on the research work.

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