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Biography of Manu Meier
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Manu Meier (*1984, Baden, CH) lives and works in Basel, CH. After her basic design training as a media designer in 2005 and the preliminary course at the F+F in Zurich Altstetten in 2009, she moved to the FHNW University of Design and Art in Basel in 2011 for a Bachelor of Arts as a process designer. During her Master of Arts in Contemporary Arts Practice in the field of Sound Arts at the University of the Arts in Bern, she completed an internship as a sound designer at idea and sound in Basel.

In her artistic practice she deals with the acoustic properties of our everyday environment. The characteristic, rather inconspicuous sound signature of places and circumstances is examined, analyzed and reinterpreted compositionally. She works primarily in the area of sound ecology with field and soundscape recordings from urban environments and biodiversity. In her projects she explores the spatial dimension of sound. This results in multi-channel compositions that are shown as individual pieces, but also as sculptural, interactive or multimedia installations.


She is also active in project management, exhibition and event organization, and collective collaboration on various cultural projects. Here too, out of the motivation to design, enliven, move or re-experience space. 


Since 2023 she has been an active member of the board and co-founder of the Swiss Society for Acoustic Ecology (SSAE). 


With her work she would like to make a contribution to shaping the future sound landscape. Her focus is on urban acoustics in the area of digitalization, society, technology and biodiversity. Through transdisciplinary work in these areas, she wants to set an example for a better and, above all, more conscious listening culture.

2021-2023 | MA in Sound Arts

Master of Arts, Contemporary Arts Practice in Sound Arts
at the University of the Arts, Bern

2023 |Future soundscapes
Publication as a radio piece (Soundcloud)
Soundscape installation, 8.1 channel shown:

Kunsthaus Pasquart, Biel (CH)


2022 | Soundscape composition "Elementary Structures"

​immersive multi-channel soundscape installation shown:

- Sonic Matter 2023, Zurich (CH)

- Open Garden on the topic of “Habitat” 2022, Salzburg (A)

- Ars Electronica on the topic “There is no planet B” 2022, Linz (A)

- will be published on DEGEM CD 22 (D)

2022-2023 | Sound Design Internship
Idea and Sound Audio Design GmbH, Basel (CH)

2020 | Soundscape composition “Sound Places”
Soundscape installation, 4-channel
shown at GEDOK, Karlsruhe (D)

2018 | Event organization
Les Digitales – festival for experimental
and electronic music, Basel (CH)

2015 | Sound installation “Stör&Ton”
Interactive multi-channel installation
shown at the Zeiträume Festival, Basel (CH)

2011-2013 | Project management

Project management and curation
in Parzelle403, Basel (CH)

2011-2015 | BA of Arts

Bachelor of Arts, Post-Industrial & Process design
at the University of Design and Art, Basel (CH)

2007-2009 | Preliminary course

Design preliminary course in the modular system
at the F+F, School of Art and Design in Altstetten, Zurich (CH)

2001-2005 | Vocational apprenticeship

Training as a media designer

School of Design, Zurich (CH)

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